Revolutionize customer communication

Speak your mind and show what you mean

Interact with your customers via Voicedrops; capture voice, screen, and mouse movements. Resolve issues quickly. No installation, upload, or processing time required.

  • Communicate efficiently

    Voicedrop accelerates the communication between customers and agent.

  • Increase productivity

    Speak and point, rather than type. Make your service agents more effective and engaged.

  • Improve retention

    Make it simple for your customers to explain their concerns.

The challenges with traditional support channels

E-Mail support
Complex issues are hard to capture in text alone.
Typing is time consuming for customers and agents alike.
Long email threads drive up costs.
Chat support
Live support is expensive.
Coverage peak times is costly.
Text creates friction and is not engaging.
Phone support
Live support is expensive.
Peak time coverage causes resourcing challenges.
Long phone queues lead to disgruntled customers.

Our solution

A new web format for customer communication

Voicedrop messaging

  • Solution

    Integrate Voicedrop functionality into any web page and immediately your customers can record screen and voice-based recordings.
  • Benefits

    Avoid miscommunication.
    Reduce service time per customer.
    Increase service quality and retention.

Voicedrop self service

  • Solution

    Customers can playback pre-recorded Voicedrops directly on the webpage. These audio-visual FAQs prevent questions from even coming up.
  • Benefits

    Reduce burden on live support.
    Increase conversion metrics.
    Reduce peak time resources.

Simple integration, scalable and secure

  • Quick implementation

    We offer both intranet and cloud-based integrations. A few lines of code and Voicedrop is embedded on your website.

  • Simple pricing

    Our revenue sharing model ensures a high return on investment for all company sizes.

  • Secure data

    Our cloud product is hosted in the EU and subject to EU data security laws. Alternatively Voicedrop can be installed on any business server.

  • Automatic scaling

    Our service scales up with your demand, no matter if you serve hundreds or millions of customers.

Industries benefit

  • Engineering

  • Banks

  • Insurance

  • Science

  • E-Commerce

  • Travel

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